Progressive Prosecution

Retail stores across the Bay Area are being looted

California “decriminalized” shoplifting, and Chesa Boudin, San Fransisco County’s activist district attorney, has little interest in prosecuting lawbreakers anyway. Walgreens has already shuttered 17 Bay Area locations, citing shoplifting as a major reason. This video […]

2020 BLM/Antifa Riots – UPDATED 6/8/21

35 deaths
24 non-fatal gunshot wounds
14 injuries from other attacks
1 other attempted murder
10 other related deaths

We have created the largest database of 2020 riot violence in the country.

Censored Youtube Channels now on Rumble

The Red Elephants – Deplatformed at 300k+
American Renaissance – Deplatformed at 130k+
Gavin McInnis – Deplatformed at 350k+
Stefan Molyneux – Deplatformed at 925k+
Alex Jones – Deplatformed at 2,500k+
Red Ice TV – Deplatformed at 300k+

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