FBI: Homicides went up 25% nationwide in 2020. Arson, Vehicle theft also way up.

The first official data on the 2020 homicide increase

On March 15th, the FBI released preliminary crime statistics for 2020. The data comes from 70% of America’s law enforcement agencies.

In cities with over one million people, homicides increased an averaged of 32.2% over 2019. Even in rural incorporated areas, there was a 15% increase in homicides.

Homicides increased roughly 25% over 2019. America saw its highest homicide rate since 1998 and the highest number of homicides since 1995.

Crimes like rape, robbery, and burglary were down, which could be attributed to the lockdown. However, violent crime, in general, was up.

Arson was way up. This is obviously due to the BLM/Antifa “mostly peaceful protesters” who committed over a billion dollars in arson damage.

Population GroupMurderArsonVehicle Theft
1,000,000 or over32.256.911.9
500,000 thru 999,99926.527.34.2
250,000 thru 499,9993121.413.4
100,000 thru 249,99928.131.511.9
50,000 thru 99,99923.519.414.5
25,000 thru 49,99921.423.613.8
10,000 thru 24,99925.515.614.3
Under 10,00024.911.35.3
Metropolitan Counties14.78.58
Nonmetropolitan Counties1511.43.7

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